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What Are Unicorn Companies? A Fantasy Become A Reality

You are at a point in your life where you want to develop your own projects, have your own company, create an innovative product, a dream that seems unattainable, or with few possibilities of being successful; for some others a madness.

This does not mean that it really is this way, maybe you are facing the great project of your life, no matter how young you are, or if you have already turned the earth around the sun many times since you were born, the important thing is that the possibilities of that your project is a success are in you, as soon as you believe in it and as soon as you work to achieve it. In this last decade there are many successful companies or projects, which has emerged from novices or really inexperienced people, who have come up with great ideas in niches that had not been previously exploited by big businessmen, have become pioneers and innovators , these companies were called “Unicorns”, mythological analogy, this term was used in 2013 for the first time when the specialist in Venture Capital, Aileen Lee, referred to a group of 39 companies that had emerged during the era of networks social, which had achieved a valuation of more than 1000 million dollars in its early stages, looking like something fancy led her to refer to them as “Unicorns Companies”, among the main characteristics of these companies we have:

Company created with Private Capital

  • They are not listed on the Stock Exchange, one of the pioneering
    companies in being Unicorn due to its rapid positioning was Facebook,
    however, it ceased to be so when deciding to quote on the Stock Exchange.
  • Its valuation surpasses the 1000 million dollars in its beginnings,
    experiencing an accelerated growth.
    -They have a great presence in social networks or are part of them.
  • They apply disruptive strategies, improving technologies and
    innovating, turning simple products into impactful ones, with a great
    acceptance in the market.
  • The work team is usually made up of 3 entrepreneurs, and most of
    them are young people who, on average, do not exceed 34 years.

There are currently around 260 Unicorn Companies around the world, leading this list, the United States and China, as the countries with the largest number.

Some Unicorn companies that occupied the first places in 2018, are projected to leave and is part of the Wall Street this 2019. Among them.

Uber, considering the Startup with the highest growth in the world valued by more than 120,000 million dollars. Aibnb, another American company with accelerated growth, valued at approximately 65,000 million dollars, causing it to cause sighs to the Wall Street Exchange due to its great growth potential. These are just some of the companies that have caused great satisfaction to both founders and users. Do not be afraid to venture and fulfill your dreams, you can be one step away from creating the next unicorn company that is part of the statistics of this 2019.


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