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Do You Know The SEO Strategy And Its Real Reach?

Do You Know The SEO Strategy And Its Real Reach

Secrets Of SEO That The Experts Hide

Millions of users use web search engines to get what they need, whether it is information about a topic, a product or service, or simply to clarify doubts. One of the most prominent web search engines is the renowned Google, surpassing one billion users per month.

Motivated to this great flow of users, those who wish to position themselves in this ecosystem, are constantly searching for the best positioning strategies in Digital Marketing, and that is where one of the main protagonists of this story comes to light. Maybe many times you’ve heard the acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or what is the same as search engine optimization, and it seems to be something as simple as the search for Keywords. However, behind this that seems easy is a lot of factors that will help us to be in the first places of search.

In the beginning, those who applied the SEO strategy, worried about often naming the same Keywords, within the same publication, and sometimes it could make you be among the first places in the search engines.

Nowadays it’s not quantity but a compendium of classification factors that will help your content to be really competitive.

These classification factors often represent a mystery to worry about, and for those who start in this world of generating content, web pages, blog among others, it is something that we need to decipher or go to experts to help us apply them.

How search engines select publications?

Search Engines use two steps in the selection of content, this work is not done by humans but through Robots, or Bots in charge of doing the Tracking; that is nothing more than the search and tour of all the web pages, through the links, or SEO words that are generated. After doing this comes the next step that is Indexing, after the tracking, the Bots select the links and sort them into indexes which are used by the search engines at the time a user uses the Search Engine, allowing this to be selected what fits or a better response, showing the content that has greater scope and relevance.

Currently, for content to be considered high impact, it must be innovative, interesting and genuine, treated from a different perspective than the rest.

As SEO specialists, Elumpers facilitates the development of the best content for its clients, identifying potential users in order to guarantee the positioning in the search engines of your brand, business or website.


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