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Logos That Lead To Success

Logos That Lead To Success

I already have the idea that boomed in my mind. I have the economic resources to make it work. I have the key people with me with whom I will create and develop my enterprise.

Everything is going very well until in a media marketing meeting I have to decide what will be the presentation image of my organization. Meetings, discussions, ideas and more ideas. I observe one, two and more options. That day I return home with more doubts than certainties.

The logo of my company will be, from the moment I choose it, the faithful and exact representation of what my brand will mean. These lines, words and colors will appear in all activities and communications, stationery, web pages and social networks. Therefore, my choice and the good advice I receive will be decisive to achieve the logo of my company is indicated.

What outstanding characteristics must a logo contain to be considered attractive and influential and, in addition, representative of the features of an organization? Continue reading and you will know it:

Color And Simplicity Of Forms

The choice of color and the simplicity of lines always go hand in hand. It is not the same a tracing type red, filled with intense red color that two circles without filling in which the lines are subtly colored blue. In the first example, energy and complexity are reflected, while in the second, reliability and tranquility can be perceived.

Colors modify perception in our mind. While red projects energy, strength and daring, blue transmits reliability. Black is credible and powerful and white communicates cleanliness and purity.

In terms of simplicity, it is very important that the people to whom you will direct your brand can see your logo in an easy way. We all like to observe a logo that is easy to process, which is why the best brands in the world use simple shapes and a maximum of three colors.

Memorable Typography

The fonts or types of letters used to create memorable logos also generate different emotions. Consequently, when we choose typography we should expect our brand’s consumers to always identify and remember the name of the organization, thanks to the letter traces you have used. It is very nice to know that the company logo stands out and is easily accepted by all.

What kind of entrepreneurship do you have? … A legal firm or a cupcake factory ?. Depending on the case, the types of letters can be bold and with angles marked to represent strength and justice, or soft and rounded letters to give the image of joy and youth. Depending on the target you want to reach, the types of letters will be directed to women, men, boys or girls.

The important thing in any case is that our logo is remembered permanently in the mind of the consumer and generates the best feelings and emotions.

Printing And Durability

Finally, our logo must be adaptable to the printing resources that exist in the market. It is not the same to place it on a web page as it is to print it on a mega poster that hangs from a building. It is important at the time of its elaboration to take into account the quality and materials used to effectively influence the perception that consumers will have when observing it.

We wish you all the success in the creation of your logo and if you have any questions, do not forget to consult the professionals of Elumpers, always ready to help you.


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