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Video Marketing, The Trend In 2019. 6 Elements To Be More Effective.

Digital marketing has been evolving drastically over the years, it is easy to find the change of trends every day and the inclusion of new media in advertising, including social networks that are setting the guidelines to show content, defining when, how and what type of content should be developed by companies or all those who want to be a trend in digital media.

Audiovisual content falls within the type of advertising preferred by users to know a product or service, that is why brands have been adapting their way of taking the message to their customers, developing content through Video Marketing, or videos advertising, transmitted through the internet both by YouTube or the different social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and all those platforms that among their ways of showing content is the publication of videos.

What will be the trend that Video Marketing will define in 2019? What elements should I take into account to be successful in spreading the audiovisual content of my brand? These are some of the questions asked by many entrepreneurs, community managers, advertisers and audiovisual content developers when they encounter the need to respond to new advertising trends.


  • Define the objective of the video, allows us to evaluate if this has had the desired scope.
  • Identify the market and the type of users; Being clear about the potential client whom we want to influence with our message, takes us to an advertising development to their interests.
  • Choose the Social Network or interactive medium suitable for these groups of potential clients already defined.
  • Audiovisual content should seek to touch the emotions of its recipients, so that they may feel the need to remain in contact with what we are showing. A strategy that will continue in trend is to develop the art of Storytelling, facilitating the way you connect with your followers, customers or users.
  • The quality of the content is not defined by quantity, it is more important to impact the client in the first seconds and quickly develop the idea, so we will not lose attention and achieve the objective.
  • Define the format or size of the video, adjusted to the majority of users using the cell phone as a means to receive information, this 2019 the trend will be governed by the vertical format, the one that takes better advantage of space in the position in which we naturally use the cell phone.

These are some tips that will position your brand.


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