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Update Your Contents And Increase The Traffic Of Your Blog

Do you feel that the contents of your blog are obsolete and do not have a high number of visits? It is very likely that it is time to update those old contents and optimize them.

This work will give you excellent benefits, such as the increase of traffic in your blog, you will add a good number of new users, the backlinks (number of links that are received from another web page) will be easier.

To determine which contents you should update, we suggest you analyze if they have old data or outdated tools. If this is the case, then try to update the information and optimize it with new instruments, techniques, statistics, links, graphs and videos that reflect cutting edge and precision.

Through the search engines you can know which page your content appears in, from there you will know if your articles require a reissue because it is not the same as in the results of Google you locate in the first pages that in the last ones.

These searches are an indicator of whether you need to correct the texts and thus improve their visibility. To update your content, follow these simple steps:

Lean on pages that increase your organic traffic: Use themes, keywords and related concepts that can be easily found on search pages such as Google or Bing.

Investigate the keyword gaps that rank your competition: This information facilitates the updating of your content by addressing the queries with more gaps.

Analyze the results: pages that the search engines display and you will know which contents are the most consulted by the users, Improve the writing of your articles, depending on the theme you can adapt the language.

For example, make it more technical if it is a specialized content or more fun and interactive if it is a topic of entertainment. Add internal links that link the old content with the most recently published ones.

It incorporates multimedia content. Apply the criteria of the SEO technique
With the information, tools, concepts and terms that you discovered, you now have the possibility to create new sections, refresh the contents that you had previously published, create new ones, update the data and deepen the topics. With these actions you will make your blog more attractive and position it successfully on the web, you just have to decide which is the best option: renew the content or generate a new one.

Faced with this question we remind you that always the best resolution is to go to the experts of Elumpers, who have the knowledge and experience for the planning, development and maintenance of your blog or any other digital medium, using the strategies and tools that place you in the top positions of search engines.


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