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Steps To Be A Youtuber

A youtuber is a person who, through his Youtube channel, uploads videos and comments on them offering his particular version of the images. Inside that each one has its own style, there is something that caracterizes youtubers, and it is their ability to engage with the audience. Being a good youtuber is an important issue for millennials, because it has become a very lucrative source of income. Being a good youtuber does not depend only on the recordings, you must also be agile and creative to broadcast live any event or talk.

And What Do I Need To Start?

  • First you have to do is think about what kind of content are you going to offer to your users, options are really varied, so think about it really well, you can decide to upload musical videos, create funny videos, do videogames gameplays, make small movies, tutorials, campaigns among others.
  • After thinking of your channel general ideas, it is the moment to decide your brand name and image. Choose a good name easy to identify. As for the image, if you are going to use texts, it must be as legible as possible, and the photo of its own creation to reflect as best as possible what you want to convey, both the name and the image will be the hallmarks of your channel.
  • Choose a good scenary, when you go to record one of your videos, you have to keep in mind localization, since it depends on it if you use a microphone, light and even the type of camera.
  • As a youtuber, you are going to share audiovisual content that must be of quality. For that, you have to take care of the image, audio and illumination. Plan your videos correctly, create a small script ot storyboard. The more planning you have, the better the videos you upload to your channel.
  • Love what you do. Being a youtuber is a full-time job, to make money you have to be productive. The usual is to upload two or three videos per week, if you do not do it with passion, you will not engange the public and will not hold until your channel reaches enough diffusion.
  • Create a community, do not look for virality, you do not need a video that goes around the world, it is more important to have a broad base of loyal followers, who give you hundreds of thousands of clicks on the play button day after day.

Profesionalize, users are demanding and the recordings are becoming more profesional. Invest in equipment, learn to edit, work on postproduction… But maintain freshness: remember that your objective is to create a close relation with your followers. At eLumpers we offer you the advise you need to help you train as a youtuber; do not think about it anymore and contact us now, we are your best option, let us do the internet work.


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